The Official Tokenomics of Watergate $WTG

Watergate Utilities:

  1. Free Seasonal Holder Airdrops (Holdings Weighted)

  2. Non-Dilution Farming Utility

  3. Governance Shareholder DAO

Total/Max Supply: 119,707 $WTG

  • Zero Tax/Fees ✅

  • Token fully renounced ✅

  • Freeze Authority has been revoked ✅

  • Mint Authority has been revoked ✅

  • Token Metadata has been set as immutable ✅

  • Burned Liquidity ✅

Our Revolutionary Non-Dilution Staking Protocol:

  • $WTG does not have a dedicated $WTG Staking Pool, as it only creates unneccesary dilution for holders. Our new concept is to create new seasonal High APY limited staking pools from the Watergate token ecosystem and create the first sustainable cross-chain staking platform!

  • 24 Hour Lock/Unlock Cooldown

  • Zero Staking/Unstaking Fees!

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