WTG High Yield Farming Guide

Watergate $WTG High Yield Farming Guide

Step One:

-Alternative: Go on Raydium and find the $WTG Pool by searching "WTG" or by pasting our Raydium Farm ID: DVvNMTZtYXXwHdFDjcgSLF2Hw3TdHFF1eKfco4K7ww4u

Step Two:

-Click the dropdown then click "Add Liquidity"

Step Three:

-Enter the amounts you want: (To stake 1 Sol worth of $WTG tokens you must also add 1 Solana, you create an LP pairing)

-Then add liquidity and confirm the transaction.

Step Four:

-Go back to our Farming page and click "Start Farming"

Step Five:

-Stake all of your LP in the Farming pool to start receiving $WTG Rewards!

Step Six:

-Go on our Raydium Pool to easily to add or remove anytime from the farm. You can now start claiming your harvest!

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